“2019 Will Make or Mar Nigeria” …Prophet Akinbodunse Warns

Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse

The General Overseer Of Freedom for all Nations (FANO), South Africa and the CEO of FANO TV,Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse has reacted furiously to the recent political activities in Nigeria.


In a live service in his church, he made it known to his members that the issue on ground in Nigeria is all about choice. It’s about choosing between transformation or destruction, in terms of the next president of the country.

He said the choice is in the hands of the youth especially now that there is so much money being pumped into the scene by politicians.


‘’It’s a matter of choice, either for Nigeria to end suffering or continue suffering. I saw it clearly that money is about to takeover’

‘’Nigeria is on the virtue of making a choice that will transform them or other wise. The choice isn’t in the hands of all Nigerians, it is in the hands of the youth. They should determine either to collect money and deprive themselves of a better Nigeria.  The dollar they give to you will soon finish and you will rub-off the blessings of your generation. I am afraid of what I am seeing, because of money, the Nigerian Jacob is about to lose their birthright’


Furthermore, he faulted the Nigerian pastors and religious leaders for releasing themselves to Nigerian politicians because of money and betraying their members


‘’Fathers of faith have failed in Nigeria. The same fathers of faith who clamour for a better Nigeria with their members are the same fathers who betray their prayers to follow politicians secretly because of money. Judgement is coming. Time is coming that you will sleep and Jesus will ask you  of what you have done.’’  Who will fight the goliath of Nigeria?


‘All fathers of faith in Nigeria are corrupt because of money. If they want to kill me, they should come. God will ask for my blood from their hands. There is no father of faith in Nigeria. They are being called to be a leader but along the line, money shifted their focus’’