MD’s eyes turned red. He was angry. “Listen to me, Anita, you must get hold of yourself, and let’s not allow things get out of hand,” he cautioned. “Nobody is disgracing anybody. But we must all behave like adults so we don’t allow things to get out of hand. So, will you be quiet and listen to me?” MD snapped at me. At that point, I got really. Angry!    

I got on my feet. “MD, I’m sorry but you’re offending me right now,” I exploded. “Listen, I know I may be small in age but that does not mean my being young should be taken advantage of. I am young, yes, but not stupid!” I said to him, my gaze fixed firmly on MD. He was looking at me with disbelief. He didn’t expect I would stand up for myself the way I just did.

“If I knew you wanted me to come over to your house just so you could embarrass me this way, I would not have come,” I continued. “This is not right, I may not be legally married to you but I am still the mother of your only child!’ I didn’t know when the last sentence dropped from my mouth. 

“Jesus Christ!” Aunty Lizzy exclaimed, her eyes red with anger. “Did you hear that? MD, did you hear what this little slut just said to me?” Aunty Elizabeth was raging mad. I’d just struck her below the belt and it hit her badly. 

“Say to you?” I’d exclaimed, pretending I had no idea how hurtful what I said could be. “I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to the father of my child!” I fired the second shot at her. 

MD couldn’t take it anymore. “What is this, Anita, why are you doing this? Why are you behaving this way?” 

“But she started it! You said nothing when Aunty Elizabeth was harassing me!” I’d thrown back at him. 

“MD, can you see the humiliation you’re putting me through? Can you see how this little slut of yours is embarrassing me?” Aunty Lizzy exploded.

But I didn’t let her flex her muscles anymore, I turned to her immediately: “Well, thank you for calling me a little slut but the fact remains that it’s this little slut that was able to give MD the heir to his business empire, not you!”

And that was it. At that point, she couldn’t take it anymore. Aunty Elizabeth sat back on the chair behind her and broke down in tears…. 

I stood right in front of her, watching her as she let the tears roll uncontrollably down her face. I knew what she was trying to do. She wanted to get MD pissed off with me for making her cry. But, seriously, I didn’t care anymore whether MD got angry or not. But I knew that no matter how pissed off MD could be, he won’t ever forget the fact I hold all the aces., the heir to his business empire my son!

“Anita, what is wrong with you? How can you possibly be talking to my wife like that? How dare you disrespect her right in front of me!” MD raved and ranted, his eyes glowing with anger.

“But you heard her when she called me a slut!” I retorted with anger in my voice too and matched his gaze at the same time. The man was shocked. He had never seen me in that state before. I had to act that way. I had to let them both understand that I was not a baby, I deserved to be treated with some respect and accorded every right they expected to get from me. This was not about me, it was about the future of my son. 

“But, Anita, she is your senior, you have to show her some respect….”

“Even when she insults me?” I interjected before he was done talking. “So, even when I am being insulted and called a whore and all kinds of names, I am expected to just keep quiet and watch her do so, right? Is that the kind of wife you want me to be?” I shot at him.

“Yes, Anita, I want you to be a respectful young lady to my wife, you have to respect her if you want you and me to have a union together,” MD replied, raising his voice at me. I got the message.

“Oh, I see…so, is that a threat?” I’d thrown at him. “You will stop playing your role as the father of my son, is that what you’re saying?” 

He didn’t respond. I continued. “See, MD, if you expect me to roll over on the ground for your wife to trample all over me just because I’m a young girl and the second wife, I’m sorry but that is not going to happen!”

“Richard!” she called him by his name, “where did you find this girl? How could you have had anything to do with a girl so rude and mannerless!” Aunty Elizabeth said behind me. I could see some of the domestic staff peeps from the curtains, watching the drama unfolding right before their very eyes. 

“Did you hear?” I turned to MD. “Did you hear her call me rude and mannerless? You have nothing to say to that, right?” 

MD turned to his wife. “Darling, calm down and let me handle this, please…let’s not make things get any worse…”

“So, am I the one that is making things get worse now?” she shot back at him, the tears still coursing down her face. To be honest, I felt bad that I caused her so much pain. But it was necessary, they had to know I was no longer a child…

.…to be continued