“MY STEWARDSHIP IN LAGOS ISLAND” …Supervisor for The Environment, Eletu Moshood Olawale

Hon. Eletu Moshood Olawale

“I give all Glory and adoration to Almighty Allah for the gift of life.

I specially want to appreciate all my leaders in the local government and also Hon. Tijani Adetoyese Olusi for giving me the opportunity to serve my people,to represents my Local Government as the Supervisor for Environment.

However, it’s been a year now that my people have been witnessing  real time representation in terms of quality welfarist governance that really impacted positively in the lives of the residents.

As an environmentalist, I have under my portfolio the responsibility of promoting health, prevent disease and to prolong life through ensuring a cleaner, and healthier environment for the well being of our people in the community.

Furthermore, to ensure the highest standards of food hygiene practises by our food handlers/vendors to ensure that whatever is offered for our people is wholesome and nourishing.

In our bid to maintaining a healthy environment to live in, we ensure that modern standard toilet facilities are strategically constructed for the convenience of our people and the privately owned toilets are periodically regulated in order to ensure standards are maintained.

We ensure regular desilting/evacuation of our major drainage system including household/street drainage evacuation.
We embark on weekly monitoring/compliance to the Thursday market sanitation exercise in the Local Government Area..

Also, we regulate the traders in the Local Government Area from obstructing traffic,  displaying of  their goods/ wares on walk ways or the construction of illegal structures that can impact negatively on our people.

In the past one year of my administration as the Supervisor for the Environment, Lagos Island Local Government, we have contributed positively to the lives and social development of the people through the welfarist government of  my indefatigable chairman, Hon. Tijani Adetoyese Olusi.

During December 2017, We de-silted drainages in Oko Faji area from Binuyo to Aroloya, From Isale Agbede to Ojo Giwa. From Collins down to the High rise building at Isale Gangan which were all inspected by the Chairman, Lagos Island Local Government, Hon. Tijani Adetoyese Olusi.

Thereafter, in January 2018, we had the refuse menace on all the  streets and high ways in the state in which my local government was able to put under control with lots of sacrifices from staff of the department and the unrelenting support of the executive chairman, the immeasurable supports from the executive and the legislative Members, not leaving out the CDA’s and the CDC’s, market leaders.

In February 2018, we continued with the desilting exercise from Adeniji Adele Road, from Church Street to Bashua Street, from Sasi street  to Iga Idungaran (oba’s palace), coupled with intervention on clearing of refuse in the whole Lagos island local government, these  really gave us sleepless nights.

On the 5th of June 2018, we celebrated The World Environment Day with the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

We continued with our drainage evacuation at Oju Olokun Street down to Ojurowo in Isale Eko area where we also inspected the evacuation of drainage by the state government at phase 1 channelled through to Ilubirin into the lagoon, then to Oroyinyin in which the Local Government did the carting away.

Then by July 14th 2018 we had Tree Planting Day and we also evacuated drainage from Pelewura Market to Bombata Market then to Jankara Market before we crossed to Binuyo, to Aroloya and through Idumagbo Avenue to Ojo Giwa.

August was another wonderful experience to the holy land of Mecca to complete the five pillars of Islam championed by my able chairman.

September, October has been strictly on sanitation,monitoring and inspection on the environment of the local government because it was during this period we had cholera outbreak in the local government and this was due to unclean environment so we had two patients and we were able to put a halt to the menace by proper sensitization and enforcement by the health department and environment department.

Not letting out my ward in supporting and also contributed immensely on development of ward by creating job employment, empowerment program, clearing of palm church street to Onikepo Street to WEMA Board Plaza,to Elias Street and giving out cleaning materials and the forth coming programme which is Christmas Funfair Party.”

It is not the years in your life that count but the lives you have  touched over the years that matters.