“My Idea Of Romantic Relationship” …Bibi Collection Boss

Bibi Collection boss


Beautiful Bibi Olunuga is the brain behind Bibi Collection Eye Lashes outfit. A dedicated young lady who has carved a niche in the look-good business, Bibi, in this interview, shares the secrets of her success with GLOBAL EXCELLENCE magazine, as well as her idea of relationship with the opposite sex, and more. Enjoy… 

What inspired your kind of business? 
I was officially diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder called Alopecia, whereby, my immune system starts attacking my hair follicles, thinking they are not part of
my body and resulting to my hair falling off (baldness). That’s my understanding of the condition. For a long time, I struggled with my appearance; not only this, I was confused about my looks. I know I wasn’t interested in being a slain queen with the bold hair and lashes but they were the sort of products in the market. I just wanted to look better with natural-looking fuller
lashes and hair. Also, most of these products are synthetic with no quality assurance which I think is quite disturbing when you plan on putting these products on delicate parts of your body. This prompted my fascination with reusable false eyelashes and the desire to bring
luxury 3D mink eyelashes to women
everywhere, without an exorbitant price tag.
What is your major product
My major product challenge would be getting the product right. I didn’t just decide to start a lashes line without foresight. There is a story behind this lashes brand. My clients are interested in something they believe another brand cannot offer. This is the reason we added Quality Assurance to our product offering.
How did you subdue them?
When I started this line, I started with the understanding of my wants and clients’ needs. It was easy to get over challenges. It’s all about going back to the drawing board, understand the problem and coming
up with a solution.
What stands out your eye lashes
from others in town?
A lot. Human hair, giving you the natural finishing quality assurance and superb customer service.

As an entrepreneur based in the
UK, how do you intend to balance
between the UK and the Nigerian
To balance both markets in my opinion, you have to understand what works for each market. Both markets are not the same and fortunately, I have been a consumer of both markets. With this
understanding, I tend to know what works and what doesn’t. As an entrepreneur, knowing your client base is quite important and while doing that, you need to critically
analyse the environment. This is when the SWOT analysis comes in and other marketing buzz words.
How can customers easily
access your product?

We are launching our E-commerce website in few days, we have distributors in Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja. We are also on Amazon and E-bay. We do whatever works for our clients.
How would you assess your
product strength and what are
your weaknesses?
Our strength surpasses our weaknesses. The only weakness my team foresaw was the environment we will be trading in and the solution to this was included in our strategy.
How do you unwind?
How do I unwind? Let me think about that for a minute. In as much as I keep to myself sometimes, I enjoy people’s company a lot. I go out with my girlfriends a lot. I enjoy going out for drinks, I love food! It’s unbelievable. I love shopping and
when I’m not doing that, I read. I read a lot on social media.
How do you cope with advances
from men?
I always listen to what they have to say. Many people claim it’s not the best practice but as long as I find something attractive in a man; then I listen. The most incredible thing about that is that you learn a thing
or two. I think after few conversations, they tend to realise it won’t work. Some stop
communicating after that and some hang around as friends. The most important part for me in this process is learning.
How would you describe your
ideal man?
I will describe my ideal man with three words – Intelligent, responsible and humble. It’s that easy… All I want in a man is covered in those three words.
What’s your view of sex on first
This is my opinion and you asked me for it. To me, it’s a No No but I won’t judge if my friend is involved in that but I rather not. This is because sex on the first date gets
quite complicated if you both decide to have a relationship after and if not, nothing… absolutely nothing remains buried. Things like that always come up again when you clearly don’t expect it.
Who is your celebrity crush male
and female?
My celebrity crush male is Michael Ealy. He is married now but I had this mad crush on him when I was younger, he is such a fantastic actor and those eyes get me all the time. Also, I have this tiny crush on
Anthony Joshua. I think he is cute and so humble. I follow him on Instagram and I think he is so adorable. I have this really weird crush on Britney Spears. I don’t know why, it’s been a while and absolutely strange to me but I love her music and I think she’s really cute. Also, I’m such a Tyra Banks fan. There is a crush somewhere.
Any regret while growing up?
Regrets growing up? Let me see, I don’t think I have any or can’t remember and if I can’t remember, it wasn’t that serious then. I have always been comfortable with the
choices I made while growing up. If you know me, my life is sort of an opened book and I’m quite close to my father, so I try not to do what he won’t approve of. I think that helped in shaping my decisions.
Which schools did you attend?
I had my primary school education at Richmab Nursey and Primary School, Ibadan, while I went to one of the best federal government colleges – Federal Government Girls’ College, Ipetumodu. I read Mass Communications at Bowen
University, Iwo and finally decided to further my education at one of the top 10 universities in the UK (top 100 in the world), University of York for my Masters in Global Marketing.
Where do you see your brand in
three years and any plan of
Truthfully, I see my brand growing and influencing other start-ups. I see my brand diversifying into worthy products that actually help people and meet people’s needs.