How Popular Gospel Singer’s husband was kidnapped?



Just as the brouhaha that greeted the arrest of kidnap kingpin, Evans, it appears these dare-devil kidnappers are still on the prowl.  The story of how a Pastor was kidnapped was told by his wife, Jumoke Akande, a gospel artiste. It so happened that the woman had gone to the studio in company of her husband, Pastor Segun Akande but on getting to the studio in Ibadan, they were told to go and bring the original script, to facilitate a perfect recording without hitches during the session.

A decision the husband offered to go home and bring the original script, leaving his wife behind in the studio.  On Pastor Segun Akande’s way home, he unsuspectingly boarded a motorcycle (Okada) which was being used by riders to ferry their victims to a kidnappers’ den in Ibadan.  Instinctively, when he mounted the okada, he heard a strange heavenly voice that he had entered a wrong motorcycle, but he just couldn’t alight from the motorcycle because the rider was already on a high speed and heading for a destination different from what he told the rider.  He then inquired from the okada rider where he was taking him to, but the man did not budge and only kept mute, offering no answer to the Pastor about his inquiry.  Eventually, when they got to the supposed kidnappers den, at the entrance gate, the rider told him to come down and enter but the pastor refused bluntly, insisting that the place was not the destination he agreed with the okada rider.  In the course of the bitter encounter and argument, the rider brought out a gun and ordered him to enter the den, otherwise he would be shot.  When he grudgingly entered the den, he was shocked to see some victims already tied down to the floor, crying, waiting and groaning. At this point, some herbalists emerged from nowhere and asked him to send an SMS to his wife about what the husband had entered into and a possible ransom to be paid before his release.  Along the line, someone among them told the herbalists that pastor was one of the ‘meat’ they had just captured as a victim of kidnapping. Some strange charms were brought out and placed on his forehead, the effect of which the man was disappointed because of the non-functioning of the charm on the man.

Lo and behold, the herbalist told his colleagues and abductors that he cannot “buy” the pastor, and that he should be returned to where he was picked because the pastor was a wrong catch.  Another buyer came to beat the pastor (victim) with another powerful and subduing charm but was also amazed at the non-effect of the charm on the pastor, thus declining to buy the victim for obvious reasons.  At the niche of time, all the herbalists confirmed simultaneously that the pastor was untouchable. Meanwhile, when they realized that their victim could further create problem for them if he eventually escapes from the den unhurt, they decided to immobilize him with another charm that would probably make him insane, but nothing happened to him.  

They resorted to all sorts of things to render him paralyzed but nothing harmful happened to him through their amulets, incantations and charms.  Amazed and bewildered, they curiously asked him who exactly he was and he told them he was a man of God, a pastor to be precise; a revelation which the kidnappers confirmed that God was really in his favour and the power of God was dwelling in him, otherwise he would have been subdued by all the powerful charms administered on him.  In order not to lose on all fronts, they decided to dispossess him of all the valuable items on him, including his phones, wrist-watch and all the chunk of cash on him. They advised him to continue serving his God without going astray, and then allowed him to go unescorted.

Interestingly, as he was about to leave the compound, the gateman at the exit point told him that he must thank his stars, that he was lucky to be leaving the den alive and unscathed because nobody has ever been brought to the den and left alive.  The gate man gave the pastor some amount of money to enable him take a motorcycle that will speedily take him out of the vicious environment. When the lucky pastor returned to the studio, the wife was angry at him, saying he stayed too long, unknown to her the horrible and traumatic experience her husband has gone through but when he narrated his ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers, the elated gospel singer started rolling on the floor, thanking and appreciating God for the narrow and miraculous escape of her husband from the hands of merciless and devious kidnappers.

That was another epic story of the ravaging kidnappers’ story as told by the wife of the victim, Evangelist Jumoke Akande, a popular Ibadan-based gospel artiste.  The event, she disclosed, happened in June 2017 and the name of their church is Apostolic Faith and Prophetic Ministry, Ibadan, Oyo State.