How A Lady Member Sent Her Nude Picture To My Phone”…Lagos Prophet Olawale Ikotun



In the Christendom and in many organizations per se, the power to resist temptation and amorous advances from women members is always a thing that takes extra discipline and unction of God to swim out of seemingly embarrassing and tempting situations from these lecherous and devious women who pose as dedicated members of a church. Beneath this, their aim is to mislead their leaders and chart them out of their divine callings.  

Many men of God have fallen victims to this unwholesome habit of deceitful ladies, and in the real sense, you cannot blame these men of God, because they are also of the flesh and can be easily railroaded into committing fornication and adultery, if they do not hold fastidiously to their divine calling and shun all manner of distractions from women of easy virtues.

One veritable and holistic man of God that has been able to escape, albeit through the power of God on him, the numerous advances from ladies and women in his church and congregation at large, is the very pious and unrepentantly committed Prophet Olawale Ikotun, the President and General Overseer of the upwardly mobile and wave-making High Tower Prayer Ministry Worldwide located on the precinct of Ipaja, in Lagos State.  By virtue of his unction and anointing as a Deliverance Minister of God, he has been used severally to deliver people from different health and physical challenges, all Glory to God Almighty.

However, one unique thing about Prophet Olawale Ikotun, who came into the ministry decades ago, having traversed many churches like the Celestial Church, CAC and Ayo Ni O before he finally started his High Tower Prayer Ministry few years ago, is his rare ability to wriggle out of very tempting and derailing situations from women, especially those in his church, who because of his handsomeness, physical build and complete humane, has somehow become irresistible for some, who under the guise of coming to the church for one problem solving or the other, will simply not detach themselves from the attractiveness of Prophet Ikotun.  

The trained banker-turned-preacher of the word of God’s minister recalls some nasty experiences he had with some women, which by the power of God, he was able to rebuff, and today he is still standing tall and can boast that no woman, however hard she tries, can lure him into falling prey to her advances-romantic or otherwise.  Hear him, “a woman years back once came to me for deliverance but in the course of my spiritual incursion into her peculiar challenge, she started showing some strange signs that suggested she was having an intimate affair with me. As soon as I sensed her ulterior motive, I went to God for direction, after which I didn’t oblige her, and in utter frustration and disappointment, she left the church unannounced because of my refusal to heed her lecherous demand.  Another typical but very unwholesome case is that of a woman, who foolishly and stupidly sent her naked picture to my phone. When I saw the picture, I immediately saw the hand of satan and the dubious intention of the woman’ so I showed the naked picture to my wife. After this, I replied the woman that she had mistakenly sent her nude picture to my phone, to which she replied that I should not be offended, that she actually wanted to send the picture to her husband who was away on tour.  Me and my wife just laughed and bantered over it and immediately deleted the nuisance pix from my phone. Interestingly, she even spoke with my wife that morning on her nasty behaviour. Then later in the evening, she sent me an SMS that read, “Daddy, now that you have seen my nakedness via your phone that I sent to you, you have to taste it”. Since then, the woman has stopped coming to the church for fear of being annihilated for her evil intention, which I was able to resist through the power of the Almighty God”.  One thing about me, however, is the peculiar and stylish way of my dressing, which inadvertently attracts women to me. Personally, I don’t dress conservatively or shabbily because I am a Prophet. That is the reason you have to pass through my wife’s office before you get to my office “, Can you beat that? Only men of God with the arresting power of God and anointing can surmount this kind of temptation. That is the making of mercurial Prophet Olawale Ikotun.