Funke Adejumo Mocked For Demanding $1,000 Each From Church Members



Daddy Freeze

Controversial radio personality, Daddy Freeze has scorned Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo after she requested 20 members of a congregation to sow $1,000 to God at a recent event.


In the video showing the event, she is seen praying for those who came forward, telling them they would be shocked what God would do in their lives after they paid the money.


Mocking her dress, Freeze called her a “Lamba Queen”, stating that there was nowhere in the Bible where Christians were asked to sow seeds of money.

He wrote:

Chai, can you hear this woman??? She said “I want 20 people to sow a seed of $1000 dollars




There is nowhere in the bible where Christians were asked to sow seeds of money!

The ‘giving’ the Christians are encouraged to do, goes to the poor; not to pastors or churches! Read Mat25:32-41


Is she a Lamba Queen?


-Adeyinka Adeniyi