Meet Universal Digital Currency Foundation COO, Victoria Walker

Lady Victoria Walker

The name Victoria Walker might not immediately ring a bell in an everyday setting but her contributions to tackling economic poverty through her position the Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation (UDCRF) cannot be overemphasized. The young woman of honour, Victoria Walker is the Chief Operating Officer of the largest gold reserve on the blockchain. The paragon of beauty can be best described as a blessing to her generation, an epitome of beauty and brains she graduated from the University of Plymouth after studying Business Management & IT. Her bright personality and brilliance quickly secured her an employment as a Relationship Manager for a wealth management research firm. And that’s where she basically honed her corporate skills in investment, banking and asset management for her role in the Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation.


And she has built from the scratch a mega consulting business that has become a force to reckon with around the globe. Lady Victoria has consulted over 150 people from around the world on understanding
cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As a reward for her hard
work, she raise million of dollars for various blockchain projects.


To demonstrate how important her involvement is valued, Lady Victoria was
appointed as a consultant for the International Courts of Justice
blockchain project in March 2018. The ICJ are working on the redistribution of assets to central banks, commercial banks and NGO’s in Africa and Asia through their own private blockchain and have partnered with the UDCRf.The good news is that UDCRF is planning to extend its work and projects in Nigeria to reduce poverty and economic inequality.


The Nigerian economy is rated as one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa but still has high rates of poverty. Lady Victoria plans to fund a number of projects here in Nigeria through the UDCRf to tackle the issue of poverty and economic inequality.


-Adeniyi Adeyinka