Apology In The Bedroom! (2)



I could see it in his eyes he was not happy with me. And not only that, he looked like a man who seemed almost certain that his suspicions were spot on and he wasn’t ready to budge one bit.

“Anita, you have to be very careful,” he’d warned me, looking me straight in the eyes as he spoke to me. “I don’t like the feeling I’m getting about you, I’m almost certain you’re hiding something from me.”

“Something from you?” I’d shot back, meeting his steady gaze. “Like what, MD?”

“I don’t know for now, and believe me, I hope I don’t get to find out about anything you’re hiding from me later, it won’t be pleasant at all.”

“But I’m not hiding anything from you!” I shot back at him.

He didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure what to say anymore. “Okay, MD, I’m sorry for getting you upset, alright? It won’t happen again.” I didn’t know when I said those words but they seemed to have had the effect on MD. His squeezed up face suddenly lightened up and a faint little smile formed at the corner of his mouth. 

Still, he stared at me for a short spell, and then he said,”Okay, I’ve heard you. And I hope you’re right. Now, go and get me something to eat first, before we go inside the room, take a shower and then you’ll show me how sorry you truly

are in bed!” 

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting MD to give me such an easy way out. Asking me to come and tell him I’m sorry in bed can only mean one thing –he’s no longer very upset with me. I was glad he was starting to simmer down with me. I will give him much more than a great time in bed. Thank God I didn’t go ahead with the D&C, what would I have told MD now that he’s asking for sex?

“In the bedroom? Why do you want me to come and tell you sorry in the bedroom?” I’d thrown at him, trying very hard to conceal my excitement and MD won’t see I was glad he was letting me off.

“Because that’s where I want it!” MD returned, keeping a straight face.

I smiled. “Okay. So, you want to eat food, and on the other hand, you want to eat me as well, right?” I asked him, keeping a straight face too.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I said.”

“So, which one do you want first, me or the food?” I drew closer to him, standing right in front of him, only a couple of inches separating our bodies.

“Get me the food first, then I will come for you later,” he answered, still trying to act serious. Not a faint smile on his face.

“Are you sure you want the food first, or you’ll eat me first?” I drew even closer to him.

“I have told you exactly what I want, let me take the food first, then I’ll come back to you.”

I smiled, looking him deeply in the eyes. “Are you sure about that, my darling?” I’d whispered into his ears. “From what I can see in your eyes, that’s not quite the way you would like it,” I said to him. Now, he finally let a faint smile light up his face. “So, are you going to be honest with me and tell me the truth, which one do you want first?”

“Alright, you tell me, which one do you want to give me first? Whatever you decide is my choice.”

I wound my arms round his neck. “Even though I can see it clearly in your eyes that you want to devour me so badly, I think you should eat first. You will need the strength to eat me, don’t you think?”

Now his smile became more visible. “You have a point there, naughty girl.” He held me by the waist. “You got me really angry moments ago, do you know that?”

I nodded. “I know,” I replied. “And I’m sorry, I really am,” I apologized. “So, have you forgiven me now?”

“Do I have any other choice? Sure, I’ve forgiven you, but you still have to tender that apology the proper way….”

“In the bedroom, right?”

“That’s correct.”

“Okay, then. No problems. Let’s get you something to eat first while I take a shower. Won’t you join me in the shower, dear?” I asked him.

“No, I already had a shower before you arrived. What I need now is something to eat.”

I kissed him on the cheek. “It’s okay, then, give me a few minutes, I’ll be right back with your meal.”

I quickly went into the kitchen to prepare him a small mould of garri. MD loves his swallow like nothing else. And as I went about preparing the meal for him, I began to wonder, what if I had carried out the D&C, how would I have dealt with MD’s request for sex? But beyond this, how would I deal with the problem that took me out of the house in the first place? What would I do with Jerry’s baby growing inside me? Am I prepared to pass the pregnancy onto MD? Only time will tell….     


…to be continued