Eldon: “I Have A Crush On DJ Cuppy”


Afro pop new kid, Emmanuel Rowland, from the group D’Rowlands, just set off on a solo career with his new single titled ‘Gbesenu’. A high tempo beat with the trendy shaku shaku beat, Gbesenu is an awareness campaign against high intake of mixture of different herb and drug abuse. The song is presently receiving massive airplay in Lagos, Ibadan, Accra, Lome, and Kampala. Eldon is presently on a club tour in Lagos promoting the new work. He shares his hopes of the new work and views of the music industry in this interview with Akin Sokoya. Excerpts…

Tell us about your journey into music.

I have a mother who is a lover of music; i was exposed to music at a tender age. My bro “SLASHA” and i formed a group D’Rowland in 2008 under which i recorded and produce songs.

Who write your songs?

I compose my songs and also work with few intellectuals. I also produce most of my songs.

How many tracks have you released so far?

Officially, I released two tracks when I was with D’Rowlands. ‘Koso’ in 2010 and ‘Oxygen’ in 2013. I released the cover for ‘Unforgettable’ audio and visual, then ‘Hurt You’ in 2017.

What inspired your new song?

‘Hurt You’ is a song I wrote for people in my situation where not every emotion balls down to love. I wish I could love but I don’t want to ‘Hurt You’.

Have you featured with any other artistes before?

Yes. I have featured the likes of Duzzi , Slasha, and Big Bro.

Is there any challenge you are facing in the music industry?

Being heard has been the greatest challenge.

Tell us about your family and educational backgrounds?

I am from Kogi State. I lost my father in 2013. I have five siblings. I am the third child. I attended the University of Ilorin.

Do your parents support your musical career?

Yes, I have my mother’s support.

How was growing up like?

Growing up for me was pretty normal. I lived with my parents. Only that I wasn’t allowed to play football.

Who among the female celebrities do you have a crush on?

I didn’t have any for a long time till DJ Cuppy showed up. She’s hardworking , beautiful and Rich

Do you have any new project you are working on?

Yes, I am dropping a follow up single very soon, I’m presently working with Otunba Lamba himself the Lamba King, Gucci Snakes, Pimp, Slimcase of the Oshosondi fame, also I have done a collaboration with Chuddy-K, Minjin with plans on ground to get Alaga Ibele, Samsung /Origin Ambassador Reminisce on the remix of Gbesenu.