“Ekiti Guber Election, Signpost To 2019 General Elections” …OPCI Chief, Salam Maruff



As the Ekiti State July 14 governorship election draws near, a call has been made to  all participants and political parties to play the game according to rules and give peace a chance.

Making the call today in Ilorin is the national president of Oodua progressive Care Initiative (OPCI), Dr. Salam Maruff Olarewaju.
According to Olarewaju, a renowned freedom fighter, it is important for political parties and players to play the game according to the rules.
“It is on record in the history of Nigerian politics that the ruling political party will always use all available power and opportunity within its means to win election against the opposition, and even in some cases, against the will of people,” he notes.
Dr. Olarewaju therefore appealed that the Federal government and state should understand the importance attached to this particular election as it will be used as yardstick for the 2019 general elections in the country.
The OPCI leader added that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should provide level playgrounds for all political parties and avoid partiality so that peace may reign.
The security agencies, he said, should decharge their responsibilities without preference for any of the political parties.

Just as the security heads have been ordered to move to Ekiti State before the election, Olarewaju enjoined them to stick to their primary assignment of securing lives and properties of the indigenes. In the same vein, Olarewaju asked the Ekiti people should avoid any act that may hinder peace as they move on July 14

Dr. Maruff Olarewaju, OPCI leader

to the polls to discharge their civic responsibilities.

-Biodun Fariogun