Unveiling Kwara’s Upcoming Hip Hop Act Ibrahim Yusuf


 Ibrahim Yusuf is an upcoming hip-hop act that surely has what it takes to go places and  he  is a perfect example of raw talents in music. Oga Nla  of Fuji music,  Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is a father figure to the chap that is fondly addressed by  the fans as ‘Icon’  while  Alhaji Ahmad Alawiye ‘Alalubarika’ is a family friend. Speaking about his music career, Yusuf Ibrahim    revealed his plan for a big project that will involve Olamide, Small Doctor and Nice.  The 24 years old Ibrahim who hails from Iwo-Isin, Kwara State already has a long list of tracks to his credit which include ‘Go Down Low’ , ‘Erima’, ‘Back to Back’ and ‘Ori Mi’.  Strolling down the memory lane, Ibrahim Yusuf’s decision to venture into music began  as an SS 2 student of the Royal International College, Taiwo, Ilorin when he raised the sum of N2,000  from his pocket money  and stormed the Solam Studio, Taiwo Road to record his first track and he has since then not looked back.  Ibrahim who said he took interest in music owing to his love for the songs of Tu Face and P –Square expressed hope that he will record success in the music industry soon. ‘I want the music lovers to watch out for the main guy,  Yusuf Ibrahim, I am sure with divine support and the prayers of my dear fans and all the people that love good music, we will surely get there, we are getting things arranged and putting things in the required places to ensure  that what we are planning to do with Olamide, Small Doctor and Nice records a huge success, we assure the people that we will feed them with good music’ he said.