“I Like My Men Tall” …OAP, Toke Makinwa Spills Romance


Star OAP, Toke Makinwa, just shared her style and sexual preferences in a very cheeky post on Instagram.

Posing in the backseat of a car wearing an oversized pink top and statement D&G sunglasses, the media personality wrote, “Oversized tops are so my thing these days, I literally go a size up, just how I like my men.”

I mean we live for big clothes and womb shifters. Good to know we’re not the only ones!

Also, Toke recently made a vlog about five people she would like to meet right now and why. Trust me, she gave all kinds of hints, especially about settling down again.

One of the people on the media personality’s list is her future husband and she revealed the questions she’d like to ask him, among which was why it took him so long to show up.

According to her, she’d ask him, “Why did it take you so long to appear? Why did I have to kiss so many frogs before I finally met you, my Prince? Why did I have to get married and divorced? What were you doing? Who were you dating? Eww! How many people have you kissed?”

“I hope you are hot and I hope you are really worth it because getting married again would be quite something. So I hope you will be somebody I will actually like and you know want to spend the rest of my life with, I want to grow old with and basically, just you know want to kiss you every morning even with your bad breath and take off my cloth every time I see you. Yea…”

“I love love and I can’t hide it.” she added.

Other people on her list are Bill Gates, God, Oprah Winfrey and the famous dealer Pablo Escobar.