Though Lala Akindoju isn’t new to theatre and stage productions, the announcement of her One Woman Show which will be opened at this year’s Lagos Theatre Festival is a first for her.

Lala has been an exciting presence in Nollywood since winning The Future Awards Africa prize for acting in 2010 and has become a constant presence in many of the industry’s critical indie darlings while somehow managing to score roles in the big budget flicks.

Titled “Naked” (don’t start getting any ideas, guys), the show is a work of poetry, theatre, and dance that explores the intimate nature of womanhood like sexual complexities and growing up to maturation and finding oneself as a woman.

Furthermore, Naked will deal with circumstances involving love and self-discovery, incorporating power-packed pieces using arts as a platform for thorough examination and expression.

“I’m more excited to be collaborating with some of the best people in this industry. I’m honoured and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these people especially because they are like family. Like I said, “collaborations make dreams come alive quicker”.

This intimate encounter takes you into Lala Akindoju’s thoughts and gives you front row seats to her personal moments, from heartbreak and joy to fears and fantasies.

Produced by Lala herself and Brenda Uphopho, and written by Titilope Sonuga, the showtimes for Naked are March 3, 7 pm and March 4, 3 pm and 7 pm. The venue is Esther’s Revenge, Freedom Park, Lagos Island.