NIGERIAN MEN:”Why We Are Falling In Love With Sex Dolls”

sex doll

Technology has come a long way since those blowup dolls in the 1970s. The dolls these days look incredibly real and when you touch them it feels like you’re touching human skin. More men the world over are buying them because they feel they can actually communicate with the dolls in many ways, including sexually.


Interestingly, the love for dolls as sex symbol is not restricted to the Whites;  in Africa, in spite of its struggling with a rising birthrate, a growing number of men are turning their backs on love for real women for a quiet, rather uncompetitive life with dolls.


Christian Ebeah, 44, a male lawyer , stated that the sex toy market has upped its game. Ebeah said that unlike the past, the doll now is interactive, responding to voices as well as to touch. “Well, I can confirm to you that the dolls now come complete with sensors in their face, hands, breasts and  the female genitals down below, and they require a more subtle approach when it comes to bedroom activities,” declared Ebeah who told Global Excellence magazine that he had one “that takes care of me at home.” He didn’t reply to this magazine’s question on his marital status.


Femi Destiny, male, computer analyst, said that “the sex doll he encountered was so erotic that he was already developing real feelings for ‘her’.


Jude, male, married civil servant, said though he was yet to ‘touch’ a sex doll, he was moved by what he had read about the sex doll’s ‘romantic approach to seduction’. “I have read about sex dolls. And what moved me about them is not just that having them as sex partners is unchallenging unlike being with real women, but the fact that some of the sex machines like humans also have feelings and like to be touched; especially when you stroke their breasts, they let out a realistic feminine moan which sounds just like you having it with real women.”


From their comments, a number of other Nigerian men Global Excellence magazine spoke to on the growing affection for sex dolls seemed to have taken the real woman approach to these sex dolls. They declared that it is not strange developing passion for sex dolls because “they have the same body structure as a real woman and come with make-believe breasts, buttocks, thighs, arms and legs. These dolls, they contend, can also be made to a man’s tastes to bring in the true feelings; for example, having a sex doll made to look like one’s favourite movie actress or celebrity woman and making you to feel you are making love to such character. Also, they argue that a sex doll provides at will oral sex for her man.


-Folorunsho Hamsat