Insider Reveals Why Ayinde Barrister Dedicated A Song Track Against Famous Globetrotter, Olabisi Ajala



Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, late

A close friend and one of the directors of the late Fuji music icon, Alhaji (Dr.) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Chief Kayode Awobajo, has said that the long drawn war between the music super star and famous advertising guru of the 60s and publicist, Chief Olabisi ‘Ebony’ Ajala, was caused by the latter’s alleged regular exploitative act.

“He finally decided to wax a track to liberate himself from Ajala’s regular blackmail,” Awobajo says of Barrister.


He narrates further: “Barrister and Bisi Ebony Ajala are both dead now. That depicts the vanity of life. Ajala was an advertising agent and Alhaji’s best friend. But he was an Oliver Twist!

He was never satisfied with whatever Barrister gave him! He was asking for too many things that troubled Alhaji. In fact, he was becoming a pain in the neck! So, Barrister was forced to voice out his displeasure about Ajala’s too many demands.

Alhaji (Barrister) called his bluff and Ajala picked offence and that was the beginning of their crisis. Ajala started series of negative stories in the media and Barrister retaliated at every available show and play.

It was Chiefs MKO Abiola, Ebenezer Obey and Alhaji Buhari Oloto that intervened and settled the fight and my joy was that they settled finally before both dead.

It was settled out of court because Olabisi Ajala took Barrister to court for defamation of character with the hit track in ‘Oke Agba’ album.

” Egbon kinni gbegede..kinni gbegede…

E maa se bawon wi o, fine bara decent Bara ni…

This really battered the image of Ajala and people started calling him ‘fine bara’ wherever he went!

Afterwards, Barrister said there was no regret in the step taken to cut the excesses of Ajala as that was the only way he could liberate himself from his Shylock grips!

But, he had to sing his praises in another album to control the damage ‘Oke Agba’ album caused to Ajala’s integrity.

” Bisi Ebony…Ajalaa..

Advertisement pelu publicity, Ebony eyin lee nii…

Imagine making f’awon super Stars , Ebony eyin lee nii…

Image making f’awon up coming stars, Ebony eyin lee nii…

E ma p’Ajani fine bara…

That seemed to have satisfied Ajala and Barrister even had to play for him free of charge during a fund raising event for one of his friends from London, Folly Taiwo, as a form of compensation.

The initial abusive song, according to Awobajo, really gave Alhaji Barrister some level of respite “because Ajala was seriously exploiting him before the album.”

Dr. Olabisi Ajala, late.