Fasehun, Gani Adams Do Not Own OPC – Bayo Ifabiyi


A national officer of Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, Comrade Bayo Ifabiyi has faulted claims by  Otunba Gani Adams that the congress was a result of his effort and sweat. Ifabiyi, who is  the National Treasurer of a new group, the ‘OPC, New Era’ and also the Kwara State Coordinator of the Congress said that as a foundation member of the congress, he could fault Gani Adams’ claim; noting that every foundation member contributed to the making of OPC because the spirit of the progenitor of the Yorubas, Oduduwa Atewonro  has continuously backed the members in their operations from onset and that it will therefore be wrong for anyone to lay claims that his sweat made OPC prominent, stating that such a statement was an insult to the Yoruba race and offensive to Oduduwa.

“If Gani Adams is to make any claim, it has to be what he did in conjunction with others in propagating the cause of OPC. Oduduwa gave us all necessary support and members contributed wisely towards the goals of the Congress; all these we did collectively so if Gani Adams’ truly said that OPC is his sweat, then he doesn’t know what he is saying. All Yorubas know that the rate at which OPC became acceptable is not mere wish or self- effort of any individual but that of all Yorubas worldwide.”

He said that the two former factions created through the crisis involving Gani Adams and  Dr Frederick Fasheun’s camps, has come back to reunite as one to form a formidable Congress.

“The breakaway members from Dr Fasheun, OPC Reformed and the Gani Adams main stream, the OPC New Era group has united to form one body. OPC is not a formation of anybody but Oodua himself to prove that the spirit of our ancestor is not dead but backing his children. Every success achieved by Gani Adams is not his personal effort but as backed by Oduduwa and the support of members allover the world.”

The Kwara born OPC coordinator highlighted some of the reasons they fell out with Gani Adams which includes his neglect of dependants of members who died in the turbulent days of the congress without making efforts to compensate their families adding that he only initiated the heroes day during which he gives out paltry sum every year; an amount that is more of humiliation than of assistance.

“Gani Adams neglected the likes of Presi, popularly called Gari Ifo, the Captain who gave our members training in warfare and combat, Fatai Aweda in Ajeromi local Government, Iron Bender at Sango Ota, Baba Adelaja, aka Baba Poka in Epe, Gani Olowoofayoku, Apapa LG Coordinator and a host of others who made OPC thick in the struggle and many died without compensation. Aside this, he also frustrated members and expelled many such as Alhaji Lawal, Baba Oodua National, Madam Siyambola, Iya Oodua National, whom he sees as being a threat to his reign of tyranny. He loves power and doesn’t like being challenged over issues. My brother, in a congress where we have great and highly educated minds; it is impossible to have an autocratic leadership. All these people made tremendous impact in his life severally and individually but he later abandoned them to their fate.”

Bayo Ifabiyi also added that being President was not Gani Adams’ making, and that it was at Willoughby Hall, Ebute Metta, Lagos where he was proposed to be leader but a member, Evangelist Adesokan then suggested the title of President and it was unanimously adopted and announced.

He further said that in a democratic setup as OPC, it was share love and permissive sentiments that made members condone his long reign as President which he turned to a birth right allegedly using divide and rule.

“He dismantled the G-27 members who were the engine room of the congress at the start but he discarded them and formed another and started another group for defense but he called them 10 Million boys for his selfish reasons.