Fans Condemn Banky W As He Reveals Wife’s Naked Body



It is less than a week that the internet was showering Banky W and Adesua love and prayers as they gave us the dream wedding to drool over… less than a week and the internet is already screaming “BAAD!” at Banky W who while making a video during their honeymoon showed his almost naked wife behind him.

This is causing a lot of buzz on the internet as fans criticize Banky, saying he screwed up for posting such a video of his wife to the world and that he should keep his marriage off social media.

In the video, the singer was expressing his excitement at the scene in front of their honeymoon cabin and while trying to show this, caught glimpse of his new bride on  G-string panties.

While some fans are saying it was just a mistake and people should get over it as soon as possible, after all what was exposed was as good as being dressed in a bikini, others are saying it is not right as Adesua all through her time in Nollywood has never acted nude or exposed this much skin hence it is not proper for the husband to do.