Pastor Finds $3, 000, Rewarded With N10, 000! …Employers, Church Celebrate Him


A Nigerian pastor, Joseph Akilo, was recently celebrated like a hero that he really is when he reportedly returned to its owner the sum of 3,400 US Dollar he found while on duty.


Interestingly, the gentleman was reportedly rewarded with the sum of N10, 000 by the owner. However, Akilo told this magazine that the size of the reward was not what matters to him but the fact that God used him to recover the loss and return it to the owner was sufficient for him.


Meanwhile, Global Excellence magazine was told that Akilo, a pastor with Pstor Joeph Akilo

Pastor Joseph Akilo

Ogba, Lagos, found the money and some documents while on his job at the airport where he works as a profiler and returned it to the management who hailed his rare honesty and dedication.


Also, Akilo was said to have been honoured during a special service at his church after his office management reportedly briefed the church authority about his uncommon act.


Narrating the discovery that turned him to an instant hero, Akilo told Global Excellence magazine that, he found the money and the documents while he was about closing for the day job, but instead of him to go home with the money having in mind that his salary is not up to N40, 000 per month, he reported the finding of the money that is the equivalent with N1.2 million to the management.


-Akin Sokoya