Inspiring Story Of Single Mother Whose Son Is Battling With Autism


To every glory is a story to tell and this aptly described the story of this delectable Nigerian woman known as Adeola Thompson who has refused to be knocked down by the circumstances of life but turning it to a channel of encouragement for the aggrieved.

The single mother of one whose four-year old son is battling with autism was born extremely premature at 27 weeks and was later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, revealed how she has channelled the traumatic experience to comfort other people.

“I was born in Nigeria and had my primary school at Springfield Nursery and Primary School, Ikeja. Secondary school was Government College, Ikorodu and I studied Microbiology at The Polytechnic, Ibadan. I moved to the UK, London in 2008. I am presently studying Health and Social Care on the career path to become a neo natal nurse.  I am a single mother with a 4-year old son who is autistic. After the emotional trauma of knowing my son has autism, the acceptance of the diagnosis made me want to know more about autism.  I attended lots of trainings and workshops in the U.K. and share my experience on my  YouTube channel. I aim to create more awareness on autism. This will bridge the gap for people on the spectrum and the society. I also understand that many parents go through the struggle of accepting the diagnosis and there is so much stigma associated with it.

My intention is to enlighten people by creating awareness and understanding”.