7-Star Hotel, Big Apple, Launches In The Gambia This Friday


All roads lead to the Republic of Gambia as high profile personalities from all spheres of human endeavour are billed to grace the official launch of the Gambia’s choicest lounge and executive bar, Big Apple.

The much-talked-about official opening which promises to be grand holds this week Friday, October 27th, 2017 at Bertill Hardin Highway, Kololi, KMC, The Gambia with the Red Carpet kicking off at 5pm.

The show, we gathered, will be anchored by a seasoned showbiz personality and will be attended by notable African entertainers, musicians and captains of industry from across the globe.

According to the unassuming businessman behind the multimillion-dollar entertainment haven, AbdulAzeez Shaffii Yussuf

AbdulAzeez Shaffii Yussuf, CEO, Big Apple

, the launch of Big Apple is the beginning of fantastic entertainment life for topflight fun seekers in The Gambia and “we’re not just limiting the fun to the Gambians alone, we’re extending it to successful African entrepreneurs whose choice of hospitality and enjoyment is second to none.”

Strategically located opposite the Atlantic Ocean around the Kololi area of the tourist haven in The Gambia, Big Apple is a 7-star Bar & Lounge equipped with uptodate facilities and lavishly furnished to the taste of the rich and famous.