RITA DOMINIC @42: ” It’s Boring Being Single”

Rita Dominic

One of Nollywood’s finest, Rita Dominic, has said that her not being married at age 42 is not a curse but a decision taken in her own best interest, although it is somewhat boring.

Speaking on a television livecast during the premiere of ‘Alter Ego’, a new Nollywood blockbuster highlighting cases of sexual abuses in the society, which was monitored by Global Excellence magazine, the AMVCA2017 winner of the “Best Actress in a Drama (Movie/TV Series)” for the movie, ’76’, said that she could have been married long before now but things did not work out as planned.

Corroborating her TV statement during a brief phone chat with this reporter, the ageless thespian noted that, “well, I’m 42 and not married, it’s for the good and it’s coming at the right time with the right man.”

The multiple award-winning actress, however, was hopeful that it is never too late, adding that “God will present the right man to me at the right time.”

Rita said, she believes that God is in
charge of her life and will not disappoint her in her ‘time of need’.

Asked if she was ever worried about marriage now that she’s coming of age, Rita stated that, “I am a human being and I would be lying to say that it doesn’t happen (worrying), more so because it’s something I sincerely want to do but I let it pass when I remember that the society will not be my hsband. I will live with my man, and it is very important that I get married not because the society wants me to but because I want to and I’m ready for it.”

At the moment, does she have a man in her life?

Rita said;

“I do. And i only love when someone special shows interest. But then dating can be a nightmare, especially in this age of internet. Every move you make now gets the world attention.

I love being totally drawn to someone and doing all those loving things lovers do, but I’m now more conscious of my moves because of liars and internet bullies.”

Rita Dominic