Nigeria/UAE Pact: Nigerian Politicians Auctioning Dubai Properties Purchased With Looted Funds!





Notable Nigerian politicians are now running to Dubai not for business but for fear of the unknown as the Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government of Nigeria closes in on their secret wealth stashed in the United Arab Emirate city, a reliable source has revealed to Global Excellence magazine.


The Nigerian government, recently, as parts of its bilateral relations, signed anti-corruption agreements with the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The source added that the fact that Dubai is an Islamic country will make it easier for the Buhari government to made headway in its drive to seize the loots, which further supports the looters’ panic.


According to the source, the Nigerian government’s latest move to freeze and take back alleged looted funds by these category of people which include high profile politicians, bankers, oil executives and other politically exposed persons, is telling fast on its target as rents on Dubai properties belonging to top Nigerians have reportedly come crashing down like badly arranged cards.


“Estate rents are now incredibly cheaper in Dubai,” stated the source, adding that most skyscrapers in the UAE city also owned by Nigerian rich men and women were being offered for sale at very ridiculous prices.


“I can tell you that they are auctioning posh properties right now, for fear of what may come from the pact signed by Buhari and Dubai (governments),” the source said. Global Excellence magazine also gathered that owners of these properties have given their agents the marching order to quickly put the buildings in the market and dispose of them as soon as possible.


With the present bilateral agreements sealed, the Nigerian government has reportedly begun providing the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) with a list of Nigerians with loot stashed in Dubai worth over $200 billion, going by the Nigerian Senate’s estimate.

The agreements signed with the UAE by the President were four which include an agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, agreement on mutual legal assistance in civil and commercial matters, agreement on the transfer of sentenced persons, and on Extradition Treaty.

The EFCC says it is already monitoring the movements of 22 such individuals who spend most of their time in Dubai.


Authoritatively, a reliable airport source said that between the 24th and 26th of August 2017, some highly placed Nigerians including their agents numbering about 80 left Nigeria via the Emirate airlines.


The source that is conversant with the dealings of these agents said that the monies allegedly stolen by these Nigerians at the last minutes, when President Buhari was coasting home to victory in the March 2015 presidential election, were all invested in Dubai.


-Akin Alade