Bridal Shower: Friends Honour Radio Girl, Sadia Ayeniromo



It was a surprise package as friends gathered to organize a bridal shower for top radio presenter/announcer, Sadia Ayeniromo on the Island, in Lagos recently.

According to one of her friends, she disclosed that, Ayeniromo wasn’t aware of what her friends had put together for her bridal shower as she prepares for her marriage in October this year.

The source said, “We did everything without her knowledge and on the d-day, we asked her would-be-husband, Alhaji Aarinola Adams to bring her to the venue where we all sprang surprise on her.

Aarinola Adams is a Prince at Lekki,  Lagos State. The gentle dude is an actor with many films to his name and also a hip-hop artiste with different singles making waves.

They met during the course of their profession and the love story has been splendid ever since.

In her reaction, the Radio girl said, “I was short of words when I saw all friends who gathered. Actually, the day we had the bridal shower, Aarin just called me and asked me to meet him somewhere, I thought we were going to one of his film locations. I never knew it was my bridal shower that friends have organized. I felt elated and I was so happy for the merriment and beautiful moment we had.

“Aarin remains the best in my life. Soon in October, we shall get married with friends, family and well-wishers in attendance.


-Akin Sokoya