“P.Square Inspired Me To Become A Singer” …Em Prince

Em Prince

UK based Nigerian music act, Em Prince, speaks to RAHMAN IS’MAIL on his career, successes and challenges. Excerpts… 

Please, tell us about yourself. 
My name is Oluwaseun Emitomo popularly known as Em prince. I hail from Ondo State, Nigeria but now I am UK based, singing Afrobeat. I have performed in ‘Britain Got Talent’ and ‘Open Mic UK’. I am representing the Nigerian music culture in Europe and United States. I graduated with first class award in Business & Marketing at Coventry University.
How did you come about your stage name, Em Prince?
The name, Em Prince means Emitomo Prince. The name came out from my surname. In my family, we call all our men prince and our women princess.
How did you get to the UK?
I came to the UK in 2007 to join my family. After the death of my mother. Through that I became a British citizen.
At what point did you start music?
I started my music in 2003 following a direction from God, but when I got to the UK I stopped because I wanted to focus on my education. In 2015, I graduated with first class from the university. So I sought direction from God almighty and he told me to start singing.
What were the challenges you faced at the early stage of your career?
I am from a poor family, so when I started music, I didn’t know anybody. I met many people who took advantage of my innocence to dupe me. But God saw me through.
How did you overcome these challenges?
I overcame the challenges by relying on God. I put my trust in God, and God saw my heart and gave me a breakthrough in terms of good voice, good songs and good connection.
What kind of music do you do?
I do Afrobeat.
What inspired your kind of music?
I love P-Square, they are my mentor. They inspired me.
Who are the popular artistes you have worked with?
I have worked with Young Skale and Oritsefemi, Joe El from Kennis Music and Henry Knight. I am planning to work with Davido soon.
What are the top shows you have performed at?
I have performed in Britain Got Talent, Open Mic UK. New York City Festival, Reading UK Carnival, 2017. Nottingham Nigerian Carnival, Coventry Music Festival 2017 and West Midlands Metropolitan Police UK Music Festival 2017.
You are one of the two best rated Nigerian artistes in the UK, how did you work your music to the hearts of the British music fans?
As a Nigerian British citizen and a university graduate, my job is to use my marketing background to create effective campaign that explained to British people why they must love Nigerian music culture.
Tell us about your recently concluded tour in the United States?
My recent tour to United States was organised by Breeze Entertainment. I performed on stage with other American artistes at Orlando Florida and I travelled to New York City for another stage performance. It was great as everybody loves afrobeat.