Broadcaster, Muky Emelda, Kick Starts ‘Tan Tvee’ Show On AIT


First encounter with this highly attractive and fashionable but intelligent young
lady would reveal to you she has something up her sleeves, not minding a display of classy and top fashion brands she flaunts at her exquisite fashion shop on Toyin Street in Ikeja, Lagos.

For Muky Emelda, a graduate of Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), she’s so
passionate about what millions of Nigerians are presently are going through and as such would want to educate Nigerians on the need to re-position their minds and strive for the best.

According to Muky, the prevailing harsh economic situation in the country have
been interpreted in so many ways, a situation that has led various kinds of people engage in all kinds of nefarious activities. “Some people blame their situation on leaders of the economy while others attribute their misfortune to inherited unprogressiveness”.

All these and more, she added have had so much negative effect on the fortune of
the country. To her, these have equally been responsible for the group of
Nigerians that engage in atrocities like robbery, kidnapping and other social vices.
She however maintained that people that have been trapped in these vices could
get out of the misconception if only they knew how successful and enviable
Nigerians today were able to wade through their tough times. This, indeed are
people that merits to be referred to as celebrities.

“This would be a great challenger that would be an encourager to the youths of

Being a celebrity, to me means “You must have gone through difficulties in life
and able to surmount the challenges and record success in your chosen career.
Such experience has a way of encouraging someone who’s probably facing similar
challenges or even different or stiffer difficulties”.

Muky Emelda
TAN for Safari

Her passion, in an exclusive chat was driven based on the prevailing trends of
economic doldrums and hardship being experienced by Nigeria