Bro Bro Anniversary Unites Celestians


The Steve Pelemo (Bro Bro) 50 years on stage/Birthday/launching of Music Foundation have come and gone but the memory of the event would linger on in the hearts of guests that attended the programme for a very long time.  It was a day that united the long time feud between some Celestial factions.  That’s not all, it was a day that Baba Ara’s sing alike, Kola Arole, Bayo Apata and Ajidara ended their long time disagreement.  What made it real was when these three artistes performed live on stage together and announced it that their long time feud has been forgotten as they plan to work together in unity as one henceforth.

Their ‘collabo’ ignited fire at the event as their numerous fans and admirers were delighted and felt the impact.  Other gospel stars that performed at the event were Akin Adebayo (Imole Ayo), Evang. Timi Orokoya (Telemi), King Femi Opalemo, Seyi Akins, Moty Aduragbemi and Feyi Bada.  The ageing celebrant, Bro Bro also thrilled the populace with his unique voice, among others.