About Olatinpo Odutola’s Passion For Charity



When you think of women who are blessed with beauty and brains, Olatinpo Odutola, the granddaughter of billionaire Adeola Odutola, comes to mind.


By all standards, she is one of the few born with the proverbial lucky star. But unlike many in her shoes, Olatinpo loves to identify with the grassroots. With her humanitarian services, she is doing everything possible to give to the disadvantaged hope for a brighter future.


Presently, Olatinpo is empowering pregnant women with packs that contain essentials needed for delivery. As this pack need to be brought to the hospital at childbirth, each expectant mother is to source for her own yet many in Ijebu Ode are unable to afford it. This is the gap Olatinpo is filling right now with her gesture.
Olatinpo Odutola does not limit the assistance to Ijebu Ode main town; she is also going into remote towns where the people seem to have been forgotten. It is a fact that the poverty rate is alarming, yet she is humble enough to sit in the midst of the poor and chat with them.


Since the inception of the project, many have benefited immensely. And in spite of Olatinpo’s privileged status, her doors are always open to all.


-Akeem Abdul