Celebrity Beauty Clinic Boss, Bimbo Rotimi Ige Speaks On Her Lekki Teeth-Whitening Clinic



What brought about the idea of celebrity beauty clinic?

I was speaking with my brother when I noticed how yellow his teeth were. So I said ‘Why are your teeth so yellow’? He responded by saying ‘Have you seen yours’?, I went straight to the mirror and noticed for the first time how bad my teeth looked. This is how I got obsessed with teeth-whitening, I remember paying 250 pounds to get it done which was quite a lot for me at the time. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the results. This prompted me to do some research in this field.

What inspired your training and certification in the sensitive beauty line?

I spotted a gap in the market, did a lot of research online and quickly realized teeth-whitening is a billion dollars industry and big in western countries such as U.K. and America.

I went on to research the Nigerian industry for advanced laser whitening and did not really see much.

At what point did you relocate to Nigeria, and how was the reception like when you started?

I relocated in February and started work the week after my arrival. I did not have an office at that time and I had to do home treatments. The reception has been super, everyone has been amazingly supportive.

I find that Nigerians love to try new concepts and they are ready to spend as long as they see results, a lot of my clients have patronized me because of my personality, guaranteed results etc.

Why did you set up your operational base at Lekki?

Location is one of the most important aspects of a business. Lekki is very central and easy for everyone to get to.

How is the patronage so far?

Amazing, I have built up a large number of clientele. A lot of my clients are from Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

What are your major challenges on the job?

Catering for clients outside Lagos but the major challenge is that I am a one woman band and I do it all on my own. This is due to my obsession with perfection and not wanting to take the risk of a trainee making mistakes with my client’s teeth.

Who are your partners? 

AW3 and Hollywood Teeth-whitening.

What separates your service from others in town?

We have beauty services such as hair, makeup, pedicure and manicure but this is the new trend. I am a customer relations expert and I treat everyone like a star.

How do you maintain your equipment and what are the challenges with having capable maintenance personnel? 

It’s important to keep equipment clean in this industry and we sterilize and clean equipment everyday.

Who are your clientele?

My clientele vary, I guess they are people that just like to look great at all times.

How did you build a star-studded clientele?

I got a lot of contacts via social media, Instagram to be specific, socializing and words of mouth.

I work very hard to ensure that clients and potential clients are happy and as they say ‘Humility will make you dine with Kings and Queens’.


What stands your services out from others?

Teeth-whitening can be very harmful if cheap and inferior products are used or if the technician is not fully trained or experienced. We are using a trademarked and quality approved product which is 100% safe – it does not change or damage the structure of your teeth. Years of experience and a product that has satisfied millions of customers explain why people, including dentists, come to us for our advice, products and services.

How did you ensure affordability and qualitative service delivery to your customers?

I wanted my service to be affordable for most people. I made it very competitive whilst also keeping the quality high. I have alternatives for clients that are more affordable than the advanced laser treatments like activated charcoal, baking soda and led home whitening kits.
As an entrepreneur, what are your short-term and long-term expansion plans?

Short term goal will be to start selling products such as activated charcoal, baking soda and home laser teeth-whitening kit wholesale to dental practices. Long term goal will be to franchise the business.

What are your beauty secrets?

Honey and lemon face mask for the face, baking soda to brush my teeth occasionally.

And applying loads of shea butter on my feet and putting socks over it for amazingly soft feet.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?


Who is your male celebrity crush?

Bruno Mars.

How do you cope from men’s advances?

I know how to handle them.

Where do you buy your fashion items?

House of CBB, House of Fraser and House of Nwocha.