“Closet87 Is Setting Standards In Fashion Business” …Omowunmi Ogundepo



The fashion industry is a fast-paced business that changes every now and then. New styles and colours are popular in the spring, only to be replaced with something completely different in the fall. According to Omowunmi Ogundepo, in this interview with Global Excellence magazine, “when you open a clothing boutique, you must be current with the latest fashions and trends. You must also know about safety requirements and fire codes for business.” To beautiful Omowunmi who currently runs her outfit online and is aknowledged for her expertise, “there is more to setting up a clothing boutique store than just hanging clothes on a rack.” She says she is ready to change the face of fashion business with her Closet87 boutique. Read her…

How did you start your brand?

It’s something I have been wanting to do all along, my passion for fashion also contributed to it.

Do you have other businesses?

I love fashion and I love to shop, it gives me so much joy. It’s more like a hobby. I’m always happy doing it even when I find myself busy with my corporate job.

What is that uniqueness your brand commands?

We are customer-centric, our clothes have great quality yet affordable. We shop for stylish and trendy wears.

How did you build your clientele and how do you satisfy them?

Well, I had started marketing my business to a lot of people like friends, families, and colleagues before I officially launched it. Building my clientele wasn’t a problem. I make sure they get their items on time and are satisfied with their orders.

What do you stock from?

Do you mean the fashion items I stock? Well, I stock dresses, shoes, tops, bags, and lots of other fashion accessories. And by the time we come up fully, we would have realized our dream of setting standards for fashion business in Nigeria.

What are your plans to grow the businesses? 

I currently run my business on instagram and facebook. I plan to open a store in a good location by next year and also strengthen my online presence. I intend to own a fashion website/blog and place business adverts on all social and media platforms. Presntly, we are the leading online stores.

How do you separate your life from the business?

I separate it with ease. I often just take time off to shop for myself, go on vacation, have fun, spend time with family and enjoy life. Sometimes, I do a little business while having fun because shopping is part of me, I do not feel it is too much of a challenge striking a balance.

How do you manage your male admirers?

I appreciate it when men make advances at me but I always ensure that I set boundaries politely.  I also treat everyone kindly and with respect regardless of gender.

As a fashionista; who is your role model and celebrity crush?

I do not have any celebrity crush. I am my own role model.

What are your beauty routines and what inspires what you wear?

For my beauty routine, I try to get a lot of sleep, exfoliate and drink plenty of water. My mood inspires what I wear.

What is your ambition in the next five years?

I see myself having my own big clothing line and running my company with a lot of employees. I will be dealing with wholesale and retail customers.