BUHARI: Rotimi Makinde Tasks Fayose, Nigerians On Discretion

Hon. Rotimi Makinde
Mocking fellow men has become a global sport to some people, although no one is immune to sickness.
A former House of Representatives member from Osun State, Nigeria, Hon. Rotimi Makinde, has appealed to fellow Nigerians against making themselves a tool in the hand of the devil by mocking sick persons, as it rather breeds hatred than promoting peace.
Makinde, while challenging the Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose, to provide proofs of his recent statement that Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, was on life support machine for some days, noted that “every time you feel like mocking a person you disagree with politically, I want you to instead imagine you are talking to every single person who actually is ill and telling them they are hopeless. And this is not a progressive way to send a message because it does not promote peace”.
According to Makinde, “yes, President Buhari is sick and he is receiving treatment in the United Kingdom, what then is the bouhaha about?”
The actor turned politician averred that, man can lie about the nature of ailments but certainly not about death, and you don’t even expect a Muslim of Buhari’s status to lie about his health.
“Is President Muhammadu Buhari being treated under the ocean or above the soil of this earth? If not, then let Governor Ayodele Fayose and whoever that is so eager to spread rumours about the state of the president’s health, sponsor an investigation to unearth the correct situation once and for all,” says Makinde, adding that “nothing is hidden for too long under the sun, not even with the advancement of technology and the fact that we are in the digital age.”
To do otherwise, he warns, is for all to stop making mockery of the sick person and insulting Nigerians’ intelligence.