I’m Living On My Father’s Legacy …Lekan Remilekun Amos




Could we meet you?

I am Evangelist Lekan-Remilekun Amos, popularly known as Omo Dafidi (David’s son).

How did you feel to be at this year’s pilgrim?

I am the happiest man on earth for being part of those that went to Jerusalem on pilgrim courtesy of Apostolic Mother, Bose Osinowo.  I give glory to God.

What is your latest work?

My latest album is titled “Afowofa”.

How many albums have you produced?

I have produced seven albums titled “Ayesoro”, “Igi Nla”, “Igi Aruwe”, “Olorun Esan”, “Ifarada” among others.  We have also produced a live album titled “Ore-Ofe”.

What’s your new resolution after returning from pilgrimage?

I hope to be at the top to praise God and take the gospel across the world.  I have been praying to God to use me to correct all the mistakes in the gospel industry.  It is not until gospel musicians sing rubbish and behave like riff-raff before they can be accepted.

How do you intend to use song to correct some abnormalities in the nation?

Our album, “Afowofa” explains that, the situation we found ourselves in Nigeria today was caused by our past governments.  We have to pray for God to take total control.

What could you say about your late father?

Jesus is the father of all.  Even my father did not know his own father, because his father died before he was born but what I know is that my father’s legacy will not die.  If you hear any of my albums, you will always hear a reference to my father.  If not for him that led us to Jesus, where would I have been today. It is always my joy, even if I am not seeing my father, I am giving a continuation on his legacy.

Could you just take us back to the brief history of your late father?

It is a long story.  Lekan Remilekun Amos is a son to Remilekun Amos.  Remilekun Amos was a legend in gospel music but when it is time, something happened and God took his life.

What is your message to your fans?

They should continue to pray for us and they should know that there is no other way than Jesus.

What is the name of your church?

I am a Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Zion member.

Your advice to President Buhari?

There is poverty and hardship in the land, he should put in some positive policies and listen to God’s voice.