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Medical Procedures To Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Today in medical science, there are several ways of opening blocked Fallopian Tubes with remarkable degree of successes. In the United States for instance, thousands of women are diagnosed with blocked Fallopian Tubes each year. The number one question on the minds of these women is … can I have them reopen again? There are many options for healing the Fallopian Tubes and in many cases they can become open once again. It is important to recognize that the Fallopian Tubes are about the size of Spaghetti noodle in width. Once they are damaged it may be difficult to reverse. They are very delicate in nature. Any sort of trauma can alter their function and damage the tubal tissues.


Presently in medical history, below are the varieties of medical options for reopening the Fallopian tubes.

{a} Surgical Option: Tubal surgical procedures can either be done by open abdominal surgery or Laparoscopy {small incision}.

{b} Salpingectomy: This procedure is the removal of part of the Fallopian tube. This is commonly performed for Hydrosalpinx prior to IVF. According to Fertility and Sterility experts, untreated hydrosalpinx makes IVF half as likely to be successful or reliable.

{c} Salpingostomy: This procedure is performed when the end of the Fallopian tube is blocked by hydrosalpinx. The Surgeon creates a new opening in the Fallopian Tube entrance nearest the Ovary. The success of this procedure is often temporary. All too often scars tissue reforms, causing another blockage within 3-6 months of the procedure.

{d} Fimbrioplasty: This option may be performed on women with damage to the fimbriae. If the fimbriae and its cilia are stuck together by scar tissue, which is preventing the Ova from being picked up, fimbrioplasty may be recommended. This procedure rebuilds the fimbriae. Presently only very few doctors are experts in this type of medical procedure. Fimbrioplasty is now recommended in select cases over Salpingostomy, which has been shown to be less successful. The above procedures have about a 20% – 30% pregnancy success rate.

{e} Selective Tubal Annulations: This procedure is performed for proximal tubal occlusion, that is, {where the tube meets the Uterus}. Guided by hysteroscopy or fluoroscopy, doctors insert a Catheter through the Cervix, Uterus and into the Fallopian Tube. This is a non-surgical procedure and has a 60% pregnancy success rate.

{f} Tubal Ligation Removal: This method or procedure is also known as Tubal Reanastomosis, Reversal of the Tubal Ligation is a surgical procedure that is done with the assistance of Microscope and is generally performed in a hospital setting or out-patient surgical facility. The Surgeon removes the two ends to make a complete tube. This procedure has 75% pregnancy success rate.

During surgery, doctors may clop away adhesions from the Fallopian tubes, Ovaries and Uterus so that reproductive organs can move freely once again.


Risk Associated with Fallopian Tube Surgery and Procedures

Post-procedural evidences have shown that there are number of risks associated with Fallopian Tube surgery and procedures. Most times, it is now widely believed, that where possible, Fallopian Tube Surgery, should be avoided completely, and instead, the patient should opt for natural treatment plan by competent Complementary and Alternative medicine practitioners or physicians. Today, in this country, this group or class of Physicians are growing steadily in almost every city. Patients with this type of medical condition are therefore advised to take the trouble to patiently search out for these groups of Physicians within their neighbourhoods and thus, avail themselves of their services.

Here below are some known risk factors associated with Fallopian Tube Surgery and procedures.


{a} Re-growth of Scar Tissue and Adhesion: Any kind of surgery runs the risk of these types of formations. The tubes may become blocked again or adhered to the abdominal wall or other parts of the reproductive organs, or other organs in the surrounding location. For example, the Bladder. Scar tissue may also form on other parts of the abdominal cavity, including the reproductive organs due to the surgical procedure.

{b} Pelvic Infection: Opening the abdomen runs the risk of Pelvic infection.

{c} High Risk of Ectopic Pregnancy: There is a great risk for Ectopic pregnancy.


While most modern couples may prefer surgery as option treatment plan for blocked Fallopian tubes, the risk factors are high, and where possible, they should, as much as possible be avoided. However, there are a number of natural treatment plans or options which can have great results with near-zero tolerant side-effect health implications.


{a} Fertility Cleansing Treatment Plan: Fertility Cleansing helps to cleanse the entire reproductive system, and thus, increases or enhances circulation to the reproductive organs. Patients with cases of Fallopian Tubes Blockages should start with this form of treatment plan. The natural organic herbal supplements used for this treatment plan are absorbed into the body and they go straight to work where they are most needed. Fertility Cleansing Supplements creates a “clean slate” with the body that helps the body to respond and utilize other natural remedies better, when the patient starts this second phase of treatment plan. Africa Golden Bitters 9500 LF is one of the top of the brand Cleansing or Detoxifying Treatment Plan that work excellently for this purpose in the lives of most women with infertility problem.


{b} Fertility Enzyme Treatment Plan: Fertility Enzyme Treatment Plan is a method for helping the body of the patient clear or ride itself of excess tissue, breakdown scar tissues, cleanse the blood, increase circulation to the reproductive organs and reduce immunological response. Enzyme therapy consists of using systemic enzymes {enzymes naturally found in the body} to help the body reduce inflammatory occasional pain, reduce scar tissue build up and more.


Traditionally, systemic enzymes have been used by athletes to help them recover, while the elderly hoping to reduce the effects from arthritis use it to achieve this purpose and those suffering from auto-immune. The list goes on and on.  Fertility Enzyme Therapy may also help to reduce the scar tissues that are blocking your Fallopian Tubes. Specific system enzymes help to eat away and reduce the fibrin [the material that makes up scar tissue} over time. This type of therapy is an extremely promising approach for helping to reducing scar tissue and inflammation.

{c} Abdominal or Fertility Massage: Massage is another natural therapy that could help support Fallopian tube health. Massage helps to increase circulation and break up adhesions. Massage provides a great non-intrusive option for women with blocked Fallopian tubes. There are three options for Massage when it comes to supporting Fallopian tube health. With careful search, a patient with blocked Fallopian tubes can find a Massage Therapist who specializes in abdominal massage.

Benefits of Massage for Fallopian Tube Health

Below are five of some of the remarkably outstanding benefits of Fallopian Tubes Massage.

{a} It helps  the body to clear blocked Fallopian Tubes.

{b} Massage helps the break-up of scar tissue.

{c} It increases circulation and aid in tissue elimination.

{d} It helps to reduce inflammation.

{e} It helps the body to loosen tight or twisted tissues.

Still under abdominal or Fertility Massage, I now wish to talk about two most important massage therapy known world-wide. These are Wurn Technique, sometimes referred to as “Clear Passage Therapy” and the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Massage. They are discussed briefly below.


The Wurn Technique/Clear Passages Therapy

Clear Passages therapy uses hands-on physical therapy techniques known as Wurn Technique to unblock Fallopian tubes. This technique is done without the use of drugs or surgery. Over the years there are many studies that have proved successful in the U.S, using this technique to naturally unblock the Fallopian tubes. At the moment in United States, they have five {5} locations where Clear Massage Therapy is done and women all over the world travel to any of these locations to be treated in these clinics, using this technique.

According to a study published in the United States by Alternative Therapy in Health and Medicine {2008}, the Wurn Technique have a 61% success rate in opening blocked Fallopian tubes that were totally blocked. The success or outcome of this therapy lasts many years in most cases, as compared to surgical procedures which usually re-grow scar tissue within 3-6 months and cause the Fallopian tube{s} to become blocked once again after the surgical procedure.


The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Massage

This technique was developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo in the United States of America. This holistic Pelvic Care approach uses techniques taught to Dr. Arvigo by her mentor Don Elijio Panti who was a Maya Shaman in Belize, Central America. Dr. Arvigo was said to have spent 10 years learning these ancient massage techniques. Thousands of practitioners around the world now performed Maya Abdominal Massage in their clinics.

This type of Massage has been found to work to loosen and aiding the removal of old scar tissue and adhesion formation which may be causing the reproductive organs to become stuck together, or the clogging of other parts of the internal body.


Castor Oil Therapy

Castor Oil Therapy has been used for centuries in helping women with issues related to the reproductive system. By applying externally to certain parts of the body, positive benefits have been found with remarkable degree of successes. A Castor Oil pack is a cloth soaked in Castor oil which is placed on the skin to enhance circulation and promote healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. Castor

Oil therapy assists Fallopian tubes by helping to soften the tissues and increase circulation to the affected areas.

Castor Oil treatment plan promote healing to the reproductive system by stimulating circulation and triggering the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for removing metabolic waste, old diseased cells and tissues. This is very important, especially where blocked Fallopian tubes may have been caused by Ectopic pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease {STD}, infection, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, Ovarian Cysts or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, {PID}.

Castor Oil is one of the only ways to stimulate the lymphatic system to move. The lymphatic system relies on us to get it to move. The heart runs our circulatory system, but exercise, some herbs and castor oil are some of the only ways to get the lymph to move. Castor oil heals underlying tissues very well, when used consistently over time. This therapy works great in conjunction with any type of fertility or abdominal massage therapy along with the right natural organic herbal extracts or supplements.


Natural Herbal Treatment Plan

This is the ultimate solution to most of the female infertility or blocked Fallopian tubes cases. Most cases of Blocked Fallopian tubes are easily treated with zero tolerant natural organic herbal ex.


Tracts or supplements. They are the safest and the best. The rate of their successes is near magical.

There are many natural phyto-organic herbal extracts or supplements that have been used with tremendous and remarkable degree of successes in the treatment of various cases of blocked Fallopian tubes. Some of the phyto-organic plant herbal extracts or supplements ranges from the clan of natural anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, circulatory and common balancing phyto-organic herbal extracts or supplements. Top on the list of these natural phyto-chemical plant extracts is Fertilitimadin 9500 BFM Extra +. Fertilitimadin 9500 BFM Extra +, Staphitamadin 9500 TVD Mega + and Africa Golden Bitters 9500 LF are all 100% customized phyto-chemical plant extracts made from high quality potent herbs, roots and barks from the rich and fertile soil of Africa continent. Fertilitimadin 9500 BFM Extra + have helped many women achieve pregnancy with remarkable degree of successes. You might be the next on the line to benefit from this amazing natural organic phyto-chemical plant extract or supplement.