Kidnappers Change Tactics, Woo Victims With Property Deals !



Evil people who abduct for money have just come up with a new and demonically innovative way to defraud and terrorize fellow citizens. The kidnappers have devised a new means of getting at their victims and making them or their families to part with huge sums of money as ransoms.

As we gathered, they now do their thing through property deal.

Sources who relayed some victims’ experiences in the hands of these daredevil men said the new trick is to invite their would-be victim to purchase properties at ridiculously cheap prices and then carry out their nefarious act once the victim gets into their net. The story was told of many people who have fallen victims to these evil
men’s new antics.

The corpse of a young man named Ebiwari Doukpolagha, from Nembe, Bayelsa State, was reportedly found at a garbage dump in Apo, Abuja some weeks back. He was said to gone on a visit to a friend in his Range Rover SUV. An autopsy carried out reportedly showed that he was strangled, and also possibly handcuffed before his assailants murdered him and made away with his car.

Few days later, someone reportedly brought his Range Rover jeep to the police station, claiming that a man dropped it to be washed, paid and never come back. Few days later, the kidnap suspects were nabbed by the police while attempting to abduct their next target.

Meanwhile, a source who has the knowledge of kidnappers new tactic said
that they first access their victim by the properties the person own like land,
building, expensive cars etc. Then, they approach the person with an offer
that someone who is seriously distressed (maybe ill or having financial problem) wants to sell the property at giveaway rate.

The unsuspecting victim is lured to a booby trap of meeting a supposedly distressed big man who wants to dispose of his properties.
On getting to the location of the supposed meeting, the victim sees a typical family setting, with staffs, chauffeurs and children running around and is politely ushered into the sitting room.

At this point the entire setting
change as the children and the madam of the house will excuse themselves leaving the visitor with the ‘distressed’ seller to discuss ‘business’.

Then, within a twinkle of an eye, the scene assumes a Nollywood like drama as hefty men heavily armed appear from inside the house and force the victim to sign cheques for them since the innocent victim must’ve come
with a cheque book to fast track the deal.

And the culprits are smart enough to first confirm the amount in the accounts from the victim’s phone or the victim is forced to sign an agreement disposing his own property for a fee to a new owner with witnesses from both sides. After which the person is killed silently and the body disposed of in an isolated place.

-Arthur Richard