Cos Canino Interview


Who is Cos Canino?

Cos Canino is a father, husband and entrepreneur. I refer to myself as “Student of Life”.

How did you start entertainment and media?

I grew up in London, England as a teenager. I was a part of a Hip-Hop group called “Rhyme Wreckerz” with my friends. We released an EP, got signed to East West Records and did a bunch of shows. I became very interested in the back end of the music business and learned a lot from the managers, show promoters and self-help books.

At what point did you go into full time artiste management?

I have been managing artistes on and off for over six years. I like to develop artistes especially from ground to the world stage.


What’s your role in NEA Awards and how did you build it to be a big brand?

I am one of the co-founders and executive producers of the NE Awards. As a co-founder, I am directly involved in all aspects of the event, from artistes’  promotion, marketing, sponsorship to production just to name a few.


You launched UDR Radio recently, tell us about the dream.

In 2004, I started UDR Entertainment (UnderDaRock Entertainment) and since then, I have worked with all the top Nigerian and other African artistes. My dream and vision have always been to have a positive impact on the youth through entertainment platforms and UDR Radio is connecting people together from all over the world.


What’s the focus of the station and why it stands out from others?

Let me just share our mission state with you: to celebrate and promote the spirit of African music and lifestyle all around the world, to create profitable collaborations for African talent all over the world and to build the most engaging urban radio station online with a dedicated team.


UDR Media, what other branches does the outfit have?

UDR Media is an online Radio and TV platform. Our focus is strictly online.


Where is your corporate office?

We have offices in NYC and London but main office is at Victoria, Ogudu, Lagos Nigeria.


What are your expansion plans?

The current focus is not expansion but to touch every corner of Nigeria and then increase operations in other West African countries.

As a core entertainment person, what are the entertainment contents that will stand the outfit out?

Our main focus is music especially new music that generally does not get enough attention.

What informs your dress sense?

I’m a very simple person and my dressing also represents that. I like plain denims and T-Shirts but aside that, you will see me in my native attire.

How do you unwind?

Hanging out with my family and hitting the beach at every opportunity I get.

What do you do at leisure?

Exercising and keeping fit.

Any plan to delve into TV business?

Online TV, yes!

Take us through your educational and parental background.

I studied  Sciences from University of North London and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for years before delving into entertainment.