Arinola Adams, movie producer celebrates Mother’s Day With Anu Obi


To commemorate Mother’s Day celebration, Arinola Adams, a movie producer cum hip-hop artiste has concluded plans to release a film titled “Anu Obi”.

Arinola in his word said, “Anu Obi is a star studded movie that parades the likes of Niyi Johnson, Jaye Kuti, Tayo Sobola including my humble self playing the lead role. It’s a movie that establishes the great affection a mother shares with her child vis-à-vis a child to the Mother.”

Recounting his experience while in location shooting the movie, Arinola said, “It was a herculean task having to play a lead role in two movies that were shot simultaneously. We had “Anu Obi” and “Ina Inu” shot at the same time. Both were produced by me. The task was challenging and I enjoyed every bit of it because they were stories that would really educate our people and make human cohabitation meaningful in our society.”

He stressed further that, “As the world celebrates Mother’s day, I purposely planned to have ‘Anu Obi’ released to the public to commemorate the special day celebration. The movie was directed by Ajani Ogunleye a.k.a Big Man and it will be distributed by De Senate Film and Record.”

Arinola to his name has produced five movies, while he had “A-le-ku-lowo” as his first movie, followed by “Emi Abami Eda”, “Aare Apase” and now “Anu Obi” and “Ina Inu”.

Besides movie production, “Aare Apase” as he is fondly called among his peers and fans is into property. He said, “I am into real estate. It is a business I am well established in. I am in charge of good numbers of landed property with great numbers of clientele here in Nigeria and people in the Diaspora. My acting career coupled with my music doesn’t affect my other means of income, even when I am in location shooting movies, once my phone is with me and my staff attending to clients in my office, business would always flow well.”

Arinola Adams ventured into acting some years back when he joined Saidi Balogun group in Ikorodu, Lagos State. He said, “Upon my discovery that I have penchant for movie production, this made me approached Saidi Balogun to join his theatre group in Ikorodu, but when nothing serious was coming from the group due to his busy schedule; I had to leave and joined another group led by Muyideen Oladapo a.k.a Lala.

“He did try his best but after some time I had to move on and I joined another great man in the industry, Ajani Ogunleye a.k.a Big Man. I was there for some years and he really had my time. I got graduated under him and with his help, I was able to shoot my first movie, A-LE-KU-LOWO.

“One thing that really helped me was my appearances in some movies while under Ajani Ogunleye. He was supportive and in a quick succession my face became frequent in movies shot by the group. This really gingered my quest to produce my first movie, which was well accepted.”