Nigerian Gays Are Escaping To Canada! Read Why




Despite the high rate of anti-gay protests in Canada, particularly violence against homosexual males, the act seems to be increasing dramatically.

Surprisingly, homosexuals from Nigeria, particularly from the South- West axis, are trooping to Canada allegedly for shelter and protection.

In the past, Canada was said to be home to gays. Canadian homosexuals and even aliens were said to have enjoyed much more freedom and societal acceptance, unlike now when most gays are sent behind bars.

Azubuike Jeremiah, a bisexual, Nigerian student born into a Christian home, was reported to have escaped prosecution in Nigeria to Canada in 2014 where he sought asylum. Security operatives were said to have invaded his premises and made some arrests. Jeremiah’s younger brother, Joshua Chukwuemeka, we gathered, narrowly escaped arrest and later fled to Canada to meet him.

Jeremiah’s case was not an isolated one. Since 2013 when the heat was turned on gays in Nigeria, many Nigerians who are into homosexuality and lesbianism have been leaving the country to escape 14 years in prison, being penalty for gays.

Sources in the know, however, say that, despite the resistance from a section of Canadians to gay practice, the country is still safer for homosexuals as they are said to be enjoying government protection to practise their act without being disturbed, judged or prosecuted.


-Akin Alade