About Top Educationist, Adebola Adams



His story is so mouth-gaping and wondrous that when one reads his profile over and over, one begins to wonder what exactly he had in mind when he went in to the educational sector, after bagging a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State.

In this age of white collar jobs and actualisation of one’s hard-earned degree and certification, industrious and highly educated Adebola Adams decided to toe a strange path of career, even with his top-notch degree.

But youthful Adebola knew what he wanted to do right from the first day he entered the university, and actually went after it. Today, his upscale tutorial college, Adams Tutorial College, Oshodi, Lagos is about the most-sought after in the area and its environs, and even from afar.

The Lagos State Government has even attested to the efficacy of the college, on account of the products of the institution, who are now scattered around various higher institutions in the country, and even abroad.