TuFace Unleashes His Crazy Side Says “Fans Have Seen My Spiritual Side”


2baba o 

Innocent Ujah Idibia a.k.a. 2Baba, needs little introduction. He is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur. One of the most decorated and successful Afro pop artists in Africa, 2Baba who has numerous awards to his credit, including the much covetous  awards like MTV Europe Music Award, one World Music Award, and five successive Headies Awards, among numerous others, speaks to the Editor, FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT, on his career success, his passion for the music industry and future plans. Enjoy…


What thrills you about music now as a star and how did you find yourself finally embracing music? 

I found myself embracing music from a very early age; I just realized that I had talent for music and I love music with a passion and as a star, I still love music, music still thrills me and I still look forward to listening to fresh good music.

Music analysts say your music is unique and you reign this long because you do not conform to the regular rules of singing; do you agree with them, and what does that mean?

I would agree with them because I try to do music; I try to do music that is good; there is no time limit to my music and it means that my music is for everybody either young or old, and for different tribes and religions.

You must have set a target for yourself from the outset, are you close to fulfilling this target in music?

I actually set a target but the target has not been reached. I am still working and learning. I am still growing. I have not reached my target yet.

How do your personal life and professional life intersect?

My professional life and personal life are interwoven. What I mean is that; I have to make out time for personal and professional life; so I don’t get things clashed.

You come out with fresh angles to the Nigerian music just when skeptics are expecting you to be on your way out of reckoning; what are the secrets to your consistency and continued relevance even when most of your generations are already off the radar?

Well, I would say it’s by the grace of God and I would say my fans are wonderful. My fans keep me alive and I am always hungry. I just try to keep my music fresh.

What’s the other side of you that your fans are going to see very soon?

My fans are going to see the crazy side of me very soon because I have been very gentle. They are going to see my crazy spiritual side very soon. I mean they have seen part of the spiritual side; it’s the crazy side they have not really seen; so very soon we are going to be unleashing that one.

You have risen to become an international star, when you look back at the beginning of your music life, what comes to your memory?

When I look back at beginning of my music life; the thing that comes to my memory is how I used to walk freely; how I used to enter Iya Christopher’s bukateria freely and just eat my food peacefully. I just walked freely without any scrutiny, with no eyes on me. That is what comes to my mind when I look back.

We would like to know if you have been able to use your star platform to do philanthropic works.

Well, I would say I have tried to do the best I can to give back to the society. There are a couple of things we have done but I wouldn’t say I have done enough. I think I am still going to step up my game in that aspect and do more.

Apart from God, what else influences your life at this stage of your career? 

The thing that influences my life at this stage of my career is more of the fans and the talent in the young ones and my kids.

What’s your lonely moment like?

My lonely moments are the times when I’m alone in the house or in my room; that’s the only time I am alone because most times, I am surrounded with people, family, fans, friends and business associates.

Most female fans see you as sex symbol; how do you take that?

Well, it’s flattering but I don’t see myself as a sex symbol. I see myself as a guy.

You are active on social media and you have millions as friends and followers; of what relevance to you is social media?

Social media is one of the major tools for anybody in any profession in this 21st century; you have your say. You have your own say because social media is very essential; it’s very vital in this era.