50% BEST CHARGING LEVEL! 5 Sure Ways To Preserve Your Phone Battery



A battery is the most important component of any smartphone. There are some phone batteries that take seconds to charge and at the same time, it takes seconds to drain. This can be very annoying because it limits you the things you can do with your phone like taking selfies, listening to music and watching videos. Therefore, it is important to charge your phone properly in order to prevent the damage of your battery or its quick charge.


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Always use the charger that comes with your phone

When you buy a new phone, it is better to always use the charger that comes with it when charging the battery. And if it is a fairly used phone, do not just buy any charger. Using any charger can damage your phone and or battery.


Keep your phone in cool, dry place

The position you place your battery is important. Do not place it in a hot place; for example, where the rays of the sun can reach it. Your battery will drain faster when it is hot. As a caveat, it is better you unplug it when it is hot and always disconnect it whenever it is fully charged.


Don’t calibrate your battery

Calibrating your battery means that you want your android phone to properly report the percentage charge of your device. Many phone users calibrate their phones when it moves from nearly full to nearly empty. Notwithstanding, you do not need to calibrate your battery. It is either you replace your battery or use it like that. If you rely on calibration to boost your battery, it can destroy your battery and device.


Intermittent charging

Rather than charging your phone at a go, it is better to charge it intermittently throughout the day. That means you should charge your phone only when it is under 50% and not above.


Keep your device half full always

Your phone does not need to charge 100% before you remove it. To make your battery last longer, always keep it charged above 50%.



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