“Olamide stole my idea” …DJ Baddo





What else do you do apart from mixtapes?

I offer DJ services. I do promotions and under the promotion we have the mixtapes. I have a personal blog where I do most of my promotions.


What do you promote?

I promote Nigerian music. On my blog, I have gist, musical videos and entertainment about Nigerian music.


Who is DJ Baddo?

DJ Baddo is a fast-raising DJ. I have been in the game since 1999. I have passion for music. I listened to lots of music when I was young. At childhood, I loved music, I didn’t watch TV and movies. Music brought me into DJ. I listened to DJ Whaxzy a lot when he played on radio then.


Why are you into Disc Jockeying?

Way back, when I listened to DJs playing on radio, I was always impressed and wanted to be like these DJs. Then, I decided to become one of the best DJs. My opportunity came when there was a party in my neighbourhood. Meanwhile, when they played light mixes on air, I taped them and played the tapes at the party. That is how I started my DJ career.


What has been your most trying moment?

I can’t really recall any. I advise people to hold on to prayer. I believe there is nothing prayer cannot do. I hold on to prayer. At the most roughest times, I keep pushing and praying hard.


What made that time tough?

Having an ambition to the top may  seem impossible but with focus and belief, you overcome the fear of not getting there.


What has been your most proud moment?

That people heard about my name. Again, the press doesn’t just interview anybody; you must be someone that is news worthy. That means I am achieving my goals and dream. Hearing my name everywhere is the happiest moment in my life. I am not new in the industry. I can call any artiste now and introduce myself “I am DJ Baddo”. I will get positive response immediately.


How many artistes have you called?

I have called a lot of them. In fact, I have a song featuring Terry G titled “You can’t pull me down”, another one with J-One titled “Recognized”. I also did a collabo with Scaly titled “O je”. I have another song that featured Small Doctor “Kele gbe”.  I featured Durella in “Gang Banging”. I will be releasing a song in January where I featured Skillz. I have featured Seriki, Olu Mix in my songs and those that I have released are getting massive air play.


Tell us your background

My name is Geoffrey Egbe from Edo State. In my spare time, I listen to music because music is life.


Why do you call yourself Baddo?

I got the name from secondary school. The name Baddo actually means when somebody is too nice and a father Xmas.


Who first used the name, you or Olamide?

People don’t know Olamide as Baddo now. The name was just used as a shortcut by Olamide.

Did you know Olamide as Baddo from the outset?

That is not open to debate, I wouldn’t want to talk much about it.


You heard DeeVee accusing Olamide of taking their lyrics, what is your reaction to this development?

I’m not Olamide, so I can’t talk about it.


If such thing is happening in the industry, what should be done?

I don’t know. I am not in their caucus, we are just friends. I wouldn’t say much about them. Even when I featured artistes in my song, I don’t follow them about.  I am a boss on my own. You know I am a DJ, I deserve to be respected.


Have you received any recommendation so far?

I have received about three awards this year. I am still going to attend two more this year and I am also a nominee of these awards.