For those who have heard the good news that Rukayat, the beautiful daughter of stupendously rich northern money bag, Mohammed Indinmi will be signing a life contract with Dantata’s son, they have been singing different tunes simply because those concerned know that it’ll definitely be another wedding of the year if not the century going by the status of those involved.

Indinmi’s family is known to be very rich with interests in oil, solid mineral,  aviation and other juicy businesses both in the country and abroad. Dantata’s family on the other hand is a family that has stood the test of time in keeping the family wealth that keeps growing for more than 50 years; the family also has the credit of making the richest Blackman in Africa, Aliko Dangote; it was through the loan given to the cement and sugar merchant many years ago that transformed Dangote to what he has become today.

It is a known fact that both Usman Dantata and Rukayat Indimi have been seeing each other for some time, but the news of their intending marriage sieved out to the public when the beautiful lady started flaunting an engagement ring that was said to have been given to her by Usman.

According to a source in the know, the lovers are planning to tie the knot before the end of this year and they are contemplating the beautiful city of Paris in Farance or Dubai in the UAE.

Rukayat had a graduation ceremony recently, where Usman was very visible.