It is a known fact that in this world of Pentecostal churches, the church with the highest packaging commands the highest crowd. This, no doubt has in most cases presented the churches as heaven on earth.

Virtually, most of the top pastors flutter in the sky like birds in their private jet for ministration across the world. This makes the acquisition of private jets imperative to these men of God. The major thing is that they should be sincere about the acquisition. This means, the aircraft should be for mainly Church purposes and not for flamboyant lifestyles.

But according to Pastor Sam Adeyemi of DayStar Ministry while refuting the claim that he also has a private jet; in one of his recent sermons, the gentle looking man of God said it’s not necessary for Pastors to own a private jet.

He’s of the opinion that the cost of buying and maintaining a private jet is extravagant and superfluous.

You recalled that General overseers of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Winners Chapel Ministry, and some others possess private jets they claimed to be using for ministration.

– Ibrahim Adejumoh