Sexy Yoruba actress, Mosun Filani, on Sunday February 19, 2012 got married to ex-governor Simeon Oduoye’s son, Kayode Oduoye, the CEO of Shalom Kay Group in Ibadan in a secret traditional wedding that took place at Mosun’s family house in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Mosun becoming wife number three is bringing an end to her hide and seek game with the media.

Before Mosun and Kayode were joined together in a secret traditional wedding. We learnt that several months back, the lover had rented an apartment for her in Ikeja, Lagos and also bought her a car of her choice.

Kayode, it was gathered, was already blessed with children from other wives.

It will also be recollected that Mosun was once linked romantically with two fellow actors in the persons of Odunlade Adekola and Muyiwa Ademola.
Kayode Oduoye whose father, A.I.G. Simeon Oduoye was a former Niger State Military Administrator during late Abacha’s regime, used to run a photo laboratory on Allen Street, Ikeja, Lagos.


Kayode is the scion of the former AIG Simon Oduoye, the former military administrator and senator who just finished his term recently. There are rumours in town that the handsome but easy-going dude is married to more than a woman and his affair with Mosunmola Filani too has generated a lot of controversies. Miffed by this report, Global Excellence caught up with him at his Opebi office where he spoke candidly on the issues surrounding his personality, his ex-wife, Mosun Filani and of course, his business. Excerpts..

Could we know more about you?
My name is Kayode Oduoye, I am from Ilesa, Osun State. I was born into family of six, I happen to be number two, three boys and three girls. My dad is Simeon Oduoye and my mum’s name is Titi Oduoye, my father was privileged to serve twice as governor in Nigeria and  also served as Senator, he just finished few months ago. My mum is a business woman, she was an ex-policewoman  and I grew up with discipline. I learned to be focused in life. I went to Federal Government College, Ibadan from where I went to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and I studied Law. After that, I went abroad for my Masters programme in International Law in UK. Ever since I came back to Nigeria, I have been involved in business and like every businessman, there are always ups and down, we learn to put the down behind and look at the ups and keep moving on. That’s what life is all about and that’s just my simple background.
For over a decade now you have been off the social radar; there are rumours that you’re down financially and all that, how would you readdress this?
Well, I think a man has to go through certain situations in life in order to bring about changes in you and also the caliber of people you move with will determine what you intend to do. Over 10 years ago, I was quite much younger  than this and as you would expect, I was full of exuberance and that was it then. But now, you become mature and will have more value and better position for some other things. It’s just part of growing up and trying to move on with life but God has been good to me, what I was in the last 10 years is not what I am now.
Taking you from your last statement that God has been good to you; what are those good things recorded by you?
Wow! There are so many that I can’t start to recall right now. In every sense of it, God has been so good to me. Quite a number of my friends have died and  God has preserved me. I am into other things now and honestly, it has been tremendous.

You’ve just talked about the good things God has done; can we have the bad things that happened in the past 10 years of your life?
Well, I would say that, all things have worked together. Even, those things that you may think that are bad, they have turned out to be good.  My ex-wife, we came up together but along the line, we parted ways. At the same time, it’s still part of hurdles and battles of life.
You parted ways or you divorced legally?

Oh! Obviously, we parted ways legally, we did not meet illegally so we wouldn’t have parted ways without the necessary legal things to do, considering my training as a lawyer. We still relate, we are still friends but we don’t live together, as you know when you are divorced, you don’t live together anymore except you have another separate arrangement whereby two of you will be meeting for other things but in the sight of thy Lord, you guys are no longer one and before the eyes of the people. Like I said, we are still friends and she has my two adorable daughters with her and they are all doing very well.
Why did you people separate?

Marriage institution is not something you can put in the paper like mathematics that once this equation is applied, the answer is sure, for both of us, we have our differences that we can no longer cope with and the best thing for us to do is to go our separate ways. I won’t go more than that.
How often do you see your children?

Once I am chanced in Nigeria, we exchange visits and relate cordially. Most times, we chat and do a lot of telephone conversations. I was with them shortly, not too long ago.

And their mother?
Their mother is doing a wonderful job, she is taking good care of them and she is also doing her own thing.
As a divorcee, it’s not always good to be alone so as not to fall into temptation; what effort are you making towards this?
Yes, that’s true, let me say, since it has been rumored in a couple of places and as some have insinuated but yes as we speak now, I am actually looking towards a direction, let me put it that way and that direction is a very beautiful damsel, I will keep it like that.
Well, there is a rumour that you’re venturing into movie production; how true is this?

Hmmm, I don’t have any part and parcel in the movie industry, I don’t have any stake there because I don’t know how to make one. Whatever is done in the movie industry is their business, I only have friends in the industry. I have males, I have females, I mean, friends and when I say friends, I mean friends but my reason for showing interest in the movie industry is because, like they say where the treasure is, is where the heart is. Let’s put it like that.
Who is this treasure and who is the heart?

Let’s keep it wrapped up but if you care to know,  her name is Mosunmola Filani.
Good! I was waiting for that; you just had an engagement, when is the proper wedding?
Yes, that will be sometime in the year, not too far, we will definitely invite the press.
Why Mosunmola Filani out of all the pecks in the garden; what makes her special?
Are you sure you want to hear the truth? The gospel truth and the whole truth is that it was ordained by God. If I break it down in a simpler language, we met by providence and having a fear of God in my heart, you need not to make mistakes as one has made in the past. I have prayed, seeking for God’s help for quite sometime. I can say it with evidence of assurance that she is the right person. So it’s not so much about whether she is beautiful, of course, that’s a secondary factor. Every man wants to be involved with a woman that is attractive and every woman wants to be involved with a man that is attractive too. I have eyes to see, that’s fine but the primary concern is that all that we seek after is peace and joy and all I found in her.

Now, considering the kind of career she is pursuing; what does the future hold for the two of you?
Number one, our future wherever we are is the right in the hand of God and that’s why we have implicitly and absolutely trusted Him with our whole lives. Number two, her being involved in the film industry, we have learnt that we should try and draw a line between the industry and our personal lives. Mosun Filani is different from the woman who is given a role to play on screen, whatever role or character she plays ends when the director says CUT! And after CUT, she becomes Mrs. Oduoye. Apart from that, I have also come to understand that ever since we met, she is a woman that fears God and she knows where the lines should be drawn. It’s not a thing that anybody has to play like a broken record and she knows the expectation from the church of God, her family and mine and she is not willing to let anybody down and likewise myself as well. I don’t want to believe in nasty reports or publication about her, it’s part of something I call shadows of the world.

You have been married but once and now divorced?
There are no other marriages anywhere as rumoured?
None anywhere, all the publications are mere insinuations and they are very damaging.
So, Mosunmola Filani is your wife now, at least, in a couple of months, you would take her to the aisle?
Precisely yes.

And after Mosun, is there going to be another marriage?
Never, God forbids, she is my last and my everything. For some men, it depends on what they want; like I did say early on,  we must learn to move on in life, that’s why I said my ex-wife is doing a very beautiful job with the children and she is doing beautiful  job with her life as well. I can’t at this point of my life say, I’m not going to be involved in another relationship except I want to be promiscuous. Even God said it to Adam in the Garden of Eden that it’s not good for a man to be alone, so I need somebody to fulfill that purpose. What are you involved in at the moment?
I am still involved in my commodity business and in oil and gas.